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$mart Money Week (Youth)

Teach your children about money and saving with this mixture of non-fiction and picture book stories. $mart Money Week is April 10-17, 2021.

Save it! : a moneybunny book by Cinders McLeod

With advice from her father, Honey saves her allowance to buy a playhouse in which she can get privacy from her five loud, bouncy siblings.

Earn it! : a moneybunny book by Cinders McLeod

"In this introduction to the concept of earning money, an exuberant bunny learns that fame and fortune must be earned"--

Give it! : a moneybunny book by Cinders McLeod

Chummy wants to use his birthday carrots to become a superhero and save the world, but with Gran's help, he learns he does not need a cape to make a difference.

Spend it! : a moneybunny book by Cinders McLeod

Sonny's mother teaches him that he cannot buy everything with his allowance, but must choose what is really important to him.

10 fascinating facts about dollar bills by Chris Jozefowicz

Save, spend, or share by Mari C Schuh

Explains ways you can save, spend, or share money.

Managing money by Jennifer Colby

Spending and saving by Jennifer Colby

Sorting money by Jennifer Marks

"Simple text and color photographs introduce basic concepts of sorting money"--Provided by publisher

Bunny money by Rosemary Wells

Max and Ruby spend so much on emergencies while shopping for Grandma's birthday presents, that they just barely have enough money left for gifts

The Berenstain Bears dollars and sense by Stan Berenstain

Mama and Papa Bear try to teach Brother and Sister the value of money and how to manage their allowance

The Berenstain bears' trouble with money by Stan Berenstain

Brother and Sister Bear learn some important lessons about earning and spending money.

Show me the money by Alvin D Hall

Presents the basic concepts of currency and finance, discussing the barter system, supply and demand, and how money works differently around the world

Just saving my money by Mercer Mayer

When Little Critter wants a new skateboard, Dad tells him that he needs to save his own money to buy it. Little Critter tries his very best, but soon finds that saving enough for what he wants isn't so easy

Dimes! by Robert M Hamilton

A dime may be the smallest coin, but there's still a lot young readers can learn about it. Readers discover the meanings of the symbols on the back of the dime and the face on the font, which support basic social studies curriculum topics. They also work to solve math problems dealing with monetary equivalencies and addition. Detailed photographs are closely related to the clear text on each page to help readers strengthen comprehension skills. A picture glossary is also included to build the vocabularies of young readers. The dazzling layout is sure to engage reluctant readers

Half-dollars! by Joseph Stanley

Introduces the fifty-cent coin, explains how it compares to other American coins, and describes what appears on a half dollar

Nickels! by Elizabeth Morgan

Dollar bills! by Robert M Hamilton

Quarters! by Lee Fitzgerald

Introduces the quarter, explains how it compares to other American coins, and describes what appears on a quarter

Save, spend, or donate? : a book about managing money by Nancy Loewen

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