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Passover (Kids)

Celebrate Passover with this great collection of material for kids.

The Passover mouse by Joy Nelkin Wieder

A mouse upsets villagers just before Passover by stealing a crumb of bread from one house and running into another, then brings neighbors together to finish preparing for the holiday. Includes background information about the story and glossary.

Pippa's Passover plate by Vivian Kirkfield

Pippa Mouse is preparing for Passover, but she cannot find her Seder plate, so she asks some of the other animals if they have seen it.

Passover family by Monique Polak

A Jewish family comes together during Passover to tell stories, eat, play, and sing.

The Passover parrot by Evelyn Zusman

Relates what happens when the family parrot steals the afikomen at the Passover seder.

Paulie's Passover predicament by Jane Sutton

Paulie wants to prepare a perfect Seder for his friends, but one thing after another goes wrong.

Passover scavenger hunt by Shanna Silva

"Rachel sends her cousins on a scavenger hunt to find the afikomen using clues that reference each item on the Passover seder plate and together lead the cousins to the afikomen's surprising hiding place"--

Passover : festival of freedom by Monique Polak

Examines the origins of the holiday of Passover and shares personal stories of how it is celebrated around the world today.

Passover is coming! by Tracy Newman

A family prepares for Passover in this simple board book story told in rhyme.

The Little Red Hen and the Passover matzah by Leslie Kimmelman

No one will help the Little Red Hen make the Passover matzah, but they all want to help her eat it. Includes information about Passover, a recipe for matzah, and a glossary of Yiddish words used in the story

The miracles of Passover by Joshua E Hanft

Explores the history and meaning of Passover, including the traditions of the seder

Passover around the world by Tami Lehman-Wilzig

Invites readers to travel the globe and explore how Jews from different countries celebrate Passover

Passover! by Roni Schotter

Rhyming text describes a family's celebration of Passover

Dinosaur on Passover by Diane Levin Rauchwerger

An enthusiastic dinosaur comes to a young boy's house to join him in celebrating Passover

Passover by Nancy I Sanders

Describes the Jewish holiday of Passover, which commemorates the exodus of the Jewish slaves out of Egypt

Welcoming Elijah : a Passover tale with a tail by Leslaea Newman

Inside the house, a boy prepares for the Passover ritual of welcoming Elijah--meanwhile, outside the house, a kitten lingers in the cold.

Dayenu! : a favorite Passover song

A tribute to the Passover celebration combines the festive cheer of a traditional Passover song with a simple retelling of the exodus from Egypt to Israel. On board pages

The matzah man : a Passover story by Naomi Howland

Just before the Passover seder, a man baked from scraps of matzo dough escapes from the oven and eludes a number of pursuers until he meets clever Mendel Fox.

Who will ask the four questions? by Naomi Ben-Gur

"As passover draws near, Eitan is excited about singing the Ma Nishtana - the Four Questions - as he does every year on Seder night. But the Ma Nishtana is supposed to be sung by the youngest and this year, to Eitan's dismay, his little sister Evie thinks she is ready for the job. When the big day finally arrives, things don't quite go to plan for poor Evie. Will Eitan come to her rescue?"--Back cover

A seder for Grover by Joni Kibort Sussman

Grover attends a traditional Passover seder with his friends Avigail, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Moishe.

The best four questions by Rachelle Burk

Marcy is old enough to ask four questions during her family's Passover Seder, but does not understand that there are four specific questions she is to read from the Haggadah.

Lotsa matzah by Tilda Balsley

A tale of two Seders by Mindy Avra Portnoy

After her parents' divorce, a young girl experiences a variety of Passover seders. Includes recipes and facts about Passover
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