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Earth Day Celebration (Kids)

Earth Day is April 22. Celebrate with these books and movies that explore nature and the world around us.

On our nature walk : our first talk about our impact on the environment by Jillian Roberts

"Young readers are introduced to environmental issues in their own neighborhoods in this illustrated nonfiction picture book."--Provided by publisher

It's Earth Day, Cookie Monster! by Mary author Lindeen

Every day is Earth Day by Jane O'Connor

When Nancy, the girl who loves to use fancy words, learns about Earth Day and "being green," her enthusiasm causes problems at home

Earth Day Birthday by Pattie L Schnetzler

Set to the familiar music of "The Twelve Days of Christmas", verses describe different animals that illustrate the wonders of the wild world. Includes a factual section about Earth Day and ways to celebrate it

Dear Earth... : from your friends in Room 5 by Erin Dealey

Writing a letter to Earth asking how they can help protect the planet, the students of Room 5 are thrilled by an ensuing year-long correspondence that teaches them how everyday kids can connect with the environment and make a difference.

One plastic bag : Isatou Ceesay and the recycling women of the Gambia by Miranda Paul

Green queen by M Peschke

Earth Day is coming, and Kylie Jean and the other second graders decide that the perfect way to celebrate is to clean up and beautify the school playground--and the whole town

The Environment : Explore, Create and Investigate! by Jonathan Litton

What on Earth? The Environment is a simple first introduction to the environment—the air, soil, water, plants, and animals. How do we as humans slot into the natural world around us and how do our actions affect the environment? What on Earth can we do about it? The book contains three different types of pages: Explore, Investigate, and Create. This structure provides a child-led and hands-on way for children to learn about the world around them. Create pages consist of fun crafts and activities to give children a chance to play and have fun while learning

About our world. Environment, climate, soil, air

This dynamic, high-definition, science DVD defines and helps children explore the terms 'environment,' climate,' 'soil,' and 'air.' Divided into segments, this program is designed to reinforce and support a viewer's comprehension and retention of these terms through use of video footage, photographs, diagrams and colorful, animated graphics and labels. Kids will see and hear the terms used in a variety of contexts providing them with a model for how to appropriately use the words

Save energy, Bert and Ernie! by Jennifer Boothroyd

Fight pollution, Big Bird! by Jennifer Boothroyd

Reduce, reuse, and recycle, Oscar! by Mary author Lindeen

Be water-wise, super Grover! by Jennifer Boothroyd

Trash that trash, Elmo and Abby! by Mary Lindeen

Earth Day by Nancy I Sanders

Our environment : everything you need to know by Jacques Pasquet

Presents information on different aspects of the environment, including water, air, soil, energy, and climate, and the best methods for protecting each element in the future.

Earth day by Clara Cella

"Full-color photographs and simple text provide a brief introduction to Earth Day"--Provided by publisher

Wordgirl : Earth Day Girl

Young Becky Botsford is just an average 5th grader until she becomes a superhero, where her knowledge of words and love of reading saves the day. Episodes include Birthday Girl; Earth Day Girl; You Can't Crush City Hall; Two Brain Highway; Jerky Jerk; Tobey or Consequences; Coupon Madness; and Lady Redundant Woman

I love the Earth by Todd Parr

Presents an introduction to environmental protection, describing a variety of ways that young people can work together to support the planet.

How I reduce, reuse, and recycle by Robin Nelson

Discusses how to care for the Earth by reducing, reusing, and recycling

The magic school bus : inside the earth by Joanna Cole

On a special field trip in the magic school bus, Ms Frizzle's class learn at first hand about different kinds of rocks and the formation of the earth

Inside the environmental movement by Janey Levy

"The environmental movement encompasses many issues, including pollution, conservation, climate change, and alternative energy. Environmentalists maintain that people are part of ecosystems and must act to keep those systems balanced and healthy. This compelling guide to the history of the movement, including efforts today, focuses on important environmental crusaders, including Rachel Carson and John Muir, and the organizations that have fought for world-changing legislation. Historical photographs and a timeline help shed light on principal events in this on-going movement"--Provided by the publisher

School house rock! Earth

Featuring classic characters as Interplanet Jane and Mr. Morton, this collection of 10 new cartoons focuses on ways to save the environment, like water conservation and biodiversity. Songs include: Solar Power To The People, The Rainforest, and more

10-minute upcycled projects by Tammy Enz

"Looking for clever ideas to reuse and recycle the materials in your makerspace? You're in luck! From earbud bracelets and bottle cap fireflies to tin man wind chimes and cell phone slings, these amazing 10-minute upcycled projects will have kids making in no time!"--

Ocean! : waves for all by Stacy McAnulty

Dude, I am Ocean. You know my many names: Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Indian, Southern. It's all excellent me. My salt water flows across the planet as one. I have no flag. No nationality. My waves are for all. Life on Earth began in my epic waters I keep the global climate just right. And I have rad secrets. But I'm facing a major wipeout! Only by working together can we get back in the zone. It's you and me, dudes."--Publisher

On earth by G Karas

Explores the earth's rotation, the seasons, weather patterns, and the process of day turning into night
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