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Think Spring! (Kids)

Celebrate the new season with these great books for kids.

Spring babies by Kathryn Osebold Galbraith

It is spring in the park and after the rain falls, babies play and giggle, while birds and animals sing and sleep.

It's spring! by Samantha Berger

A rabbit, deer, and other animals give each other the message that spring is coming.

Hello spring! by Shelley Rotner

Presents a lyrical celebration of the arrival of spring, which is marked by changes in plant and animal life.

Surprising spring by Jennifer Marino Walters

A mother and daughter explore the wonders of spring, from animals waking up from hibernation and flowers starting to bloom to birds' eggs hatching and rain falling and helping the grass and flowers grow.

Spring hare by Eugene Yelchin

In this wordless story, a hare and a young girl spring up from a trampoline and take an imaginary journey through the clouds into outer space.

Spring for Sophie by Yael Werber

Sophie listens and watches for the signs of spring--the melting ice, the blue sky--until one day the raindrops come and spring is here.

When spring comes by Kevin Henkes

"Animals and children alike watch as the world transforms from the dark and dead of winter to a full and blooming spring"--

Disney Princess. A royal spring

Princesses Rapunzel, Tiana, Belle, and Merida celebrate springtime.

Finding spring by Carin Berger

Too excited to hibernate through his first winter, a bear cub tries to find spring.

The thing about spring by Daniel Kirk

As his friends Bird, Mouse, and Bear celebrate the arrival of spring, Rabbit finds more and more things to dislike about the change of seasons until, at last, he admits that spring can be full of pleasant surprises.

Animals in spring by Martha E Rustad

Describes some of the activities of animals during the spring, including bears waking up, birds returning from the south, ducklings hatching, and honeybees leaving the hive

Plants in spring by Martha E Rustad

Describes how plants grow in the spring, discussing how seeds sprout and use sunlight, water, and nutrients in the soil to become mature, resulting in new seeds and fruit

And then it's spring by Julie Fogliano

Simple text reveals the anticipation of a boy who, having planted seeds while everything around is brown, fears that something has gone wrong until, at last, the world turns green

Spring is here! by Will Hillenbrand

Excited that spring has finally arrived, Mole tries--unsuccessfully--to wake up Bear, but then he comes up with the perfect plan

When spring comes to the DMZ by k-pae Yi

Grandfather returns each year to the demilitarized zone, the barrier--and accidental nature preserve--that separates families that live in North and South Korea.

Spring Shine sparkles by Jennifer Castle

Sisters Addie and Clara bring together a newly-emerged Wishing Wings butterfly, Sparkle Shine, and Addie's best friend, Violet, both of whom are feeling bad about themselves.

Things come back in spring by Liza Charlesworth

Features the sight word "come." Introduces some things that come back in spring, including birds, bees, butterflies and flowers

Snow rabbit, spring rabbit : a book of changing seasons by Il Sung Na

While other animals migrate, hibernate, or stay busy all winter, a little white rabbit watches

Spring surprises by Anna Jane Hays

A rhyming tribute to the wonders brought by spring

Spring is here! : a story about seeds by Joan Holub

In autumn, the little friends from Ant Hill find and plant some seeds, then patiently wait until spring to enjoy the plants that appear

What happens in spring? by Sara L Latta

Simple text and full-color photographs introduce the characteristics of spring, and some of the things people and animals do during that time of year

Mouse's first spring by Lauren Thompson

A mouse and its mother experience the delights of nature on a windy spring day

Duck, duck, dinosaur : spring smiles by K George

On a sunny springtime day, siblings Feather, Flap, and Spike set out to explore the many flowers, leaves, and seeds outside, but their day is complicated by Spike's dino-sized sneezes.

Llama Llama very busy springtime by Anna creator Dewdney

Llama Llama plans a busy day of fun for the first day of spring, but between helping Nelly Gnu with a playdate and Luna Giraffe with a perfect picnic, he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Dancing at carnival by C Patrick

"It's Spring Break! During Carnival, Ana & Andrew travel to visit their family on the island of Trinidad. They love watching the parade and dancing to the music. This year, they learn how their ancestors helped create the holiday!"--Amazon

William wakes up by Linda Ashman

William asks his animal friends, one after another, to awake from hibernation and prepare a celebration for a special friend who has been away all winter.

Garden day! by Candice F Ransom

A brother and sister spend a spring day planting a garden.

It's springtime, Mr. Squirrel! by Sebastian Meschenmoser

When Mr. Squirrel's friend hedgehog finds an attractive lady hedgehog, the friends set out to find a way to impress her with their heroic deeds.

Let's plant a garden! by Kristen L Depken

Barbie and her sisters spend a spring day planting a garden.

Bloom by Deborah Diesen

A mother and child plant flower bulbs in the fall, wait through the winter, and see them bloom in the spring.

Sun above and blooms below : a springtime of opposites by Felicia Sanzari Chernesky

"A class takes a springtime field trip to a farm to see chicks hatch and discover many opposite things in their surroundings"--

Home for a bunny by Margaret Wise Brown

In the spring a young rabbit searches the forest for a place to make his home
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