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New Books (Kids) (May 2021)

Check out these new additions to our Youth collection!

Machu Picchu by Elizabeth Noll

"Engaging images accompany information about Machu Picchu. The combination of high-interest subject matter and narrative text is intended for students in grades 3 through 8"--

Barcelona city trails by Moira Butterfield

Shares themed trails that reveal Barcelona's best-kept secrets, including Barceloneta Beach, La Xocolateria, and Collserola Natural Park.

LEGO Ninjago. How to be a ninja by Rosie Peet

The six heroes of Ninjago explain how they are taught to be ninjas by Master Wu, describing the weapons they use, the vehicles they travel in, and the enemies they face.

The Colosseum by Elizabeth Noll

""Engaging images accompany information about the Colosseum. The combination of high-interest subject matter and narrative text is intended for students in grades 3 through 8"--Provided by publisher"--

Marvel Black Panther. Wakanda forever! by Julia March

Explore Black Panther's mighty Kingdom of Wakanda while being introduced to Black Panther's friends and allies.

Love counts by Jo Parker

Counts down, from ten to one, ways that children can share love with family, neighbors, animals, and strangers

Twinkle, twinkle, sparkly star by Katharine Holabird

Twinkle practices and practices to be perfect in the school play, but her friends remind her she does not need to be perfect to shine like a star.

What was it before it got wet? by Kristen McCurry

"Splash! This photo-guessing game challenges pre-readers to guess what something was before it got wet. The soggy, soaked, and soupy answers may be suprising!"--

What is the civil rights movement? by Sherri L Smith

"Even though slavery had ended in the 1860s, African Americans were still suffering under the weight of segregation a hundred years later. They couldn't go to the same schools, eat at the same restaurants, or even use the same bathrooms as white people. But by the 1950s, black people refused to remain second-class citizens and were willing to risk their lives to make a change"--

A street through time : A 12,000 Year Journey Along the Same Street by Steve Noon

Traces the development of one street from the Stone Age to the present day, from dirt track to the rebuilding of inns as wine bars, showing how people lived and what they did all day.

The Mayflower : The Perilous Voyage That Changed the World by Libby Romero

"Discover the real history behind the Mayflower in this illustrated nonfiction storybook for kids ages 7 to 9, timed to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims' famous voyage to the Americas"--

The national parks : discover all 62 parks of the United States by Stefanie Payne

"Discover fun facts about all 62 national parks of the United States. Learn about the animals that make their homes in the forests, deserts, caves, and mountains of the national parks, and the amazing species of trees and plants, from the giant sequoia trees of Sequoia, to the geysers of Yellowstone. Special features of each park are highlighted, from secret caves to endangered animals."--

Even more fantastic failures : true stories of people who changed the world by falling down first by Luke Reynolds

"There is a lot of pressure in today's society for kids to succeed, but failing is a part of learning how to be a successful person. In his teaching career, Luke Reynolds saw the stress and anxiety his students suffered, whether it was over grades, fitting in, or simply getting things right the first time. Even More Fantastic Failures is a second installment in Reynolds personal campaign to show kids it's ok to fall down or make a mistakes, just so long as you try, try again! Even More Fantastic Failuresonce again show's students that their mistakes and failures do not define their whole lives but help them grow into their potential. Kids will read about a host of inspiring, courageous, and diverse people who have accomplished--or still are accomplishing--big things to make this world a better place. Reynolds explores the many ways well-known people have failed both before and after succeeding and kids will come to understand that failure is a large component of success. A wide-range of stories from Greta Thunberg, Barack Obama, Nick Foles, Emma Gonzalez, Beyonce, Ryan Coogler, John Cena, Socrates, even the Jamaican national women's soccer team, prove that the greatest mistakes and flops can turn into something amazing. Intermixed throughout the fun profiles, Reynolds spotlights great inventions and scientists, powerful events and the people who started them in both sidebars and Flop Files. A new feature called "Off the Page and On the Screen" showcases failures and success in the stories presented in literature and film. Reynolds's engaging, youthful voice pulls kids into each anecdote much in the same way bestselling Girls Who Rocked the World and Boys Who Rocked the World do, making the teaching moments feel more like a friend just retelling a story.And again each profile includes advice on how to come back from your own flops and move forward to succeed"--

Accidental archaeologists : true stories of unexpected discoveries by Sarah Albee

"A lighthearted but informative look at chance discoveries made by ordinary people, of artifacts (and treasures) from the past. Many of these discoveries have led to leaps in our knowledge of history and science. Each short chapter will begin with a dramatic story of discovery, followed by the significance of the artifact that was discovered, followed by a look into the history of the civilization/era from which the artifact originates. The stories will show readers that potentially anyone-construction workers, farmers, casual passers-by, and even kids-can make discoveries like these"--

The triumphant tale of Pippa North by Temre Beltz

After Pippa North reluctantly agrees to attend Peabody's Academy for the Triumphant to learn to be a magician, she asks fellow student Oliver Dash for help in getting home, but when Oliver concocts a scheme that backfires, it is up to Pippa to become a heroine.

Things you can't say by Jenn Bishop

Three years after his father's death by suicide, twelve-year-old Drew embarks on a journey toward understanding, forgiveness, and hope.

Out of hiding : a Holocaust survivor's journey to America by Ruth Gruener

"Ruth Gruener was a hidden child during the Holocaust. At the end of the war, she and her parents were overjoyed to be free. But their struggles as displaced people had just begun. In war-ravaged Europe, they waited for paperwork for a chance to come to America. Once they arrived in Brooklyn, they began to build a new life, but spoke little English. Ruth started at a new school and tried to make friends -- but continued to fight nightmares and flashbacks of her time during World War II. The family's perseverance is a classic story of the American dream, but also illustrates the difficulties that millions of immigrants face in the aftermath of trauma. This is a gripping and human account of a survivor's journey forward with timely connections to refugee and immigrant experiences worldwide today"--

Fly back, Agnes by E Atkinson

Twelve-year-old Agnes hates everything about herself, starting with her name, so while spending a summer with her father, a cellist, she decides to become someone else.

The Mouse Watch by J Gilbert

Living in the shadows under the direction of a famed mouse inventor, two recruits-a mouse with a score to settle and a sensitive rat with elite puzzle-solving skills-land at the center of an evil plot by a rogue animal society.

The Czech Republic by Alicia Klepeis

"Engaging images accompany information about the Czech Republic. The combination of high-interest subject matter and narrative text is intended for students in grades 3 through 8."

We are still here! by Traci Sorell

"A group of Native American kids from different tribes presents twelve historical and contemporary time periods, struggles, and victories to their classmates, each ending with a powerful refrain: we are still here"--

Send a girl! : The True Story of How Women Joined the FDNY by Jessica M Rinker

"This dynamic and inspiring picture book biography tells the story of a woman who broke an important barrier by becoming one of the first female fire fighters in New York City"--

Mr. Patel builds by Fran Manushkin

Katie's class is invited to see a new house a classmate's father is building, where they learn the steps to building a house and even who the new homeowner is. Includes glossary, discussion questions, and an interview.

Firefighter Kayla by Fran Manushkin

"JoJo's aunt Kayla is a firefighter. She's teaching Katie's class about her job. Katie keeps trying to ask Kayla questions, but Kayla has lots to say before it's question time. If Katie is patient, will she learn what she really wants to know about firefighters?"--

Pirate stew by Neil Gaiman

"Long John has a whole crew of wild pirates in tow, and--for one boy and his sister--he's about to transform a perfectly ordinary evening into a riotous adventure beneath a pirate moon. It's time to make some PIRATE STEW. Marvelously silly and gloriouslyentertaining, this tale of pirates, flying ships, doughnut feasts and some rather magical stew is perfect for all pirates, both young and old"--

Outside in by Deborah Underwood

Illustrations and easy-to-read text reveal ways nature affects our everyday lives, such as providing food and clothing, and showing when to go to bed and when to get up.

Exquisite : the poetry and life of Gwendolyn Brooks by Suzanne Slade

Introduces the life and work of Gwendolyn Brooks, from her early love of poetry and her first published poems as a girl in Chicago through her financial struggles as an adult during the Depression to winning the Pulitzer Prize for her second book.

Quill soup : a stone soup story by Alan Durant

In this African version of the traditional folktale Stone Soup, Noko the porcupine tricks the other well fed but selfish animals into sharing their food with him and the whole village.

Crossings : extraordinary structures for extraordinary animals by Katy Duffield

"A non-fiction exploration of animal crossings built by animal lovers around the world to help animals cross over, under, around, and through human construction"--

The most beautiful thing by Kao Kalia Yang

"Drawn from Kao Kalia Yang's childhood experiences as a Hmong refugee, this heartfelt picture book offers a window into the life of a family with little money and a great deal of love"--

The Constitution decoded : a guide to the document that shapes our nation by Katie Kennedy

A guide to the United States Constitution provides a direct translation of the text, connects it to major historical figures and events, and includes examplies of how the document works in practice.

Timelines from Black history : leaders, legends, legacies

"Amazing visual timelines take readers through the people and the issues that have shaped Black history. Erased. Ignored. Hidden. Lost. Under appreciated. No longer. Delve into the unique, inspiring, and world-changing history of Black people. From Frederick Douglass to Oprah Winfrey, and the achievements of ancient African kingdoms to those of the US Civil Rights Movement, Timelines From Black History: Leaders, Legends, Legacies takes kids on an exceptional journey from prehistory to modern times. This DK children's book boasts more than 30 visual timelines, which explore the biographies of the famous and the not-so-famous - from royalty to activists, and writers to scientists, and much, much more. Stunning thematic timelines also explain the development of Black history - from the experiences of black people in the US, to the story of postcolonial Africa. Did you know that the richest person ever to have lived was a West African? Or that the technology that made the light bulb possible was developed by African American inventor, and not Thomas Edison? How about the fact that Ethiopia was the only African country to avoid colonization, thanks to the leadership of a brave queen? Stacked with facts and visually vibrant, Timelines From Black History: Leaders, Legends, Legacies is an unforgettable and accessible hive of information on the people and the issues that have shaped Black history."--

Dragon Kingdom of Wrenly. 2 : Shadow hills by Jordan Quinn

Ruskin the dragon and his friend Cinder are sent to Shadow Hills, the most mysterious place in all of Wrenly, under false pretenses by sinister forces.

Dragon Kingdom of Wrenly. 1 : The coldfire curse by Jordan Quinn

"Ruskin, the pet dragon of the royal family of Wrenly, forms new friendships with the dragons of Crestwood and goes on exciting adventures"--

Pup Detectives. 1 : The first case by Felix Gumpaw

Rider Woofson and the other puppy detectives at school set out to nab a cafeteria bandit.
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