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Go Outside & Play (Kids)

Try one of these books to encourage you to go outside and get moving!

25 fun things to do outside by Paul Mason

On a magical do-nothing day by Béatrice Alemagna

Sent outside by their mother on a rainy day, a child is dismayed when their handheld game falls into the pond before they encounter giant snails, wet mushrooms, and other elements that awaken them to the sensory aspects of nature

A stick is an excellent thing : poems celebrating outdoor play by Marilyn Singer

Presents a tribute to timeless childhood summer activities, from playing hide-and-seek and hopscotch to making mud soup and imagining that a stick is a magic wand

I know baseball by Joanne Mattern

Introduces and examines the different aspects of baseball

Hiking day by Anne F Rockwell

A little girl and her family go hiking up a nearby mountain for the very first time.

Charlie & Mouse outdoors by Laurel Snyder

Charlie and Mouse and their parents are going on a camping trip, and there will be hiking, storytelling, marshmallows, and campfires, and the joy that comes from sharing it all.

Pete the Cat goes camping by Eric creator Litwin

Excited about his camping trip, Pete can't wait to go hiking, fishing, and eat s'mores by the campfire, until he hears about the mysterious creature named Bigfoot.

Outdoor adventures! by Lynn Maslen Kertell

When Jack and Anna go on a hike, they see many animals along their adventure, and wonder if they can have an animal adventure in their own backyard as well

Wildlife ranger action guide by Mary Kay Carson

"Hands-on activities and projects encourage children to learn about and take an active role in protecting local wildlife. Field guides covering 78 North American wildlife species teach kids about each and include tips for providing the plants and food needed for their survival"--

The camping trip by Jennifer K Mann

Ernestine is beyond excited to go camping. She follows the packing list carefully (new sleeping bag! new flashlight! special trail mix made with Dad!) so she knows she is ready when the weekend arrives. But she quickly realizes that nothing could have prepared her for how hard it is to set up a tent, never mind fall asleep in it, or that swimming in a lake means that there will be fish deep! Will Ernestine be able to enjoy the wilderness, or will it prove to be a bit too far out of her comfort zone?

Kids' guide to camping : all you need to know about having fun in the outdoors by Cherie Winner

Discusses where to camp, what gear is needed, and what food to bring, and provides information on choosing equipment, setting up camp, storage, cleanliness, building a campfire, other things to do while camping, and staying safe outdoors.

Katie goes camping by Fran Manushkin

Katie has a wonderful time camping with her friends Pedro and JoJo, but when it gets dark the shadows make ordinary things seem frightening

Backpacking hacks : camping tips for outdoor adventures by Raymond Bean

"Don't just survive, thrive in the great outdoors! This handy guidebook provides unique tips and tricks to transform any camping trip into a glamping vacay, including defense against weather extremes, hygiene hacks, and unplugged entertainment options"--Provided by publisher

Everyone can learn to ride a bicycle by Christopher Raschka

A father teaches his daughter all about bicycle riding, from selecting the right bike to trying again after a fall.

Ty's travels : zip, zoom! by Kelly Starling Lyons

Ty cannot wait to ride his new scooter, but when he has a hard time learning and wants to quit, a new friend encourages him to give it another try.

Soccer dreams by Shawn Pryor

"Wanting to be a striker like her grandpa was, Keisha jumps into soccer practice with both feet and, unfortunately, both hands. She's afraid her habit of catching the ball will end her sports dream, but Coach has a new game plan"--

Good sports : rhymes about running, jumping, throwing, and more by Jack Prelutsky

I know soccer by Joanne Mattern

Introduces and examines the different aspects of soccer
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