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Best Comedies of the 1990s (Movies)

Go back to the 90's with this list of classic comedies.

Renaissance man

An unemployed advertising executive takes a job teaching Army recruits English

What about Bob?

Bob Wiley, a troubled but lovable therapy patient, seeks help from noted psychiatrist Dr. Leo Marvin. When the doctor leaves town to go on a quiet family vacation, Bob, afraid of being alone, follows--showing up unexpectedly at the therapist's lakeside retreat. Bob becomes the houseguest that just won't leave


A brother and sister are magically transported through their television set and into the black-and-white world of a 1950s sitcom called Pleasantville. Soon they affect this environment with their worldly sensibilities, and people and things slowly begin to acquire color


The McTeagues all want to stake a claim in their wealthy uncle's will. But their plans are threatened when he falls for a gorgeous pizza delivery woman


A construction manager takes part in a cloning experiment. His three clones each end up having a definitive personality trait, confusing his life and disorienting his wife

My fellow Americans

They used to run the country. Now they're running for their lives! Two former one-term presidents are framed in a scandal by the current president and pursued across the U.S. by armed agents. The two squabbling political foes plunge into a desperate and delightfully frantic search for the evidence that will establish their innocence. As they scramble through the real America, they get an unexpected crash course in how their policies affected the citizens

City slickers

Comedy about three men friends who are going through mid-life crises. They decide that the answer to their malaise is a fantasy vacation out West where they can play cowboy on a cattle drive


An architect builds a house for his girlfriend, only to have her dump him before he can propose. Afterwards he has a one-night stand, and the girl quickly assumes the position as his wife

King Ralph

A freak accident wipes out the entire royal family, and a good-natured, down-to-earth Las Vegas lounge singer, Ralph Jones, is the distant heir who inherits the throne. His unconventional behavior delights the public, but fuels a plot to overthrow the new king

Kindergarten cop

A big mean cop must go undercover as a kindergarten teacher to find out which child is the son of a deadly villain

The ref

An unfortunate cat burglar becomes trapped in a fate worse than jail when he takes a bickering couple and their annoying relatives hostage

My father the hero

A young girl passes her father off as her boyfriend while on vacation to impress a cute boy, causing obvious misunderstanding

Father of the bride

A father deals with his only daughter's lavish wedding. New bonus features include a look behind the scenes and an interview with Steve Martin and Martin Short

Vegas vacation

When Clark Griswold puts his mind to something, we soon realize he hasn't got one. Still, nothing stops him when the vacation bug hits. This time, he's chosen Las Vegas, the new family entertainment capital of America!


L.A.'s funkiest college student, Crawl, is hilariously out of his element when he spends Thanksgiving at the family farm of a straitlaced college co-ed

Liar liar

Fletcher Reed is a fast-talking attorney and habitual liar. When his son Max blows out the candles on his fifth birthday cake, he has just one wish-- that his dad will stop lying for 24 hours. When Max's wish comes true, Fletcher discovers that his biggest asset-- his mouth-- has become his biggest liability

There's something about Mary


With the help of Jiff Ramsey, brother to Hollywoods biggest star, Hollywood's least successful director stops at nothing to get him into his latest low-budget film

I love trouble

Two reporters from rival newspapers in Chicago find themselves thrown together when they are working on the same story

Encino man

When two high school buddies dig up a frozen caveman in their backyard and thaw him out, they figure he's their ticket to being cool, but the plan backfires when the newcomer turns everyday life upside down

The waterboy

Office space

When white-collar peon Peter Gibbons decides he's had enough and neglects his job, he is quickly promoted to upper management

The big Lebowski

A lazy, unemployed Southern Californian stoner who loves bowling gets mistaken for a millionaire with the same name. He's beaten up by men looking for money from the rich man's wife and gets drawn into the kidnapping of the millionaire's wife


The alien Conehead family tries to fit in as average Americans

Tommy boy

Party animal Tommy Callahan is definitely a few cans short of a six-pack. But after seven years, Tommy's finally earned his diploma -- and a cushy job at Callahan Auto Parts. Returning home, Tommy gets some more great news: his dad is marrying a real "10," and Tommy will get the stepbrother he always wanted. But as fast as you can say "Who killed the keg?," the family business starts tanking. Now Tommy's got to hit the road with his dad's right-hand man, a smug numbers-cruncher. And what these two don't know about salesmanship could fill a book -- and a riotously funny movie!

Death becomes her

Life and death interactions of an aging actress, a former friend, an unhappy husband, and a potion of immortality

Mars attacks!

Mean, green invaders from the angry red planet attempt to take over the Earth

American pie

Follow the lives of some typical American teenagers as they confront the sexual world they live in as they prepare for the nirvana of adolescence: the prom


Five young showbiz wannabes are on the prowl for career breaks and beautiful 'babes' in the Hollywood retro club scene

Empire records

A manager of a struggling record store is desperately trying to avoid a corporate takeover, while handling the problems of his teenage workers. Special edition contains over 15 minutes of new footage and extras


"Clerks is one wild day in the life of a pair of over-worked counter jockeys whose razor-sharp wit and on-the-job antics give a whole new meaning to customer serivce."--Container


A gifted, rebellious teenager finds himself in competition with a wealthy older man for a favorite teacher's affections

Benny & Joon

A mentally ill young woman who lives with her older brother finds her love in an eccentric young man who models himself after Buster Keaton
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