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Pine Tree (2022) (Kids)

Books selected for West Bloomfield School District's 2022 Pine Tree reading program.

Accidental trouble magnet by Zanib Mian

"Imaginative Omar goes through the ups and downs of starting a new school and making new friends with the help of his wonderful (and silly) Muslim family"--

Albert Einstein was a dope? by Dan Gutman

"From the best-selling author behind My Weird School: a quirky new biography series that casts fresh light on high-interest historic figures. Did you know that Albert Einstein was a high school dropout, and that he failed his physics class when he finallymade it to college? Or that when he died, his brain and eyeballs were removed from his body? Ever wondered why his hair looked so wild? Siblings Paige and Turner do-and they've collected some of the kookiest and most unusual facts about the world-famousscientist, from his childhood and school days through his time studying relativity and working on the atomic bomb. Narrated by the two spirited siblings and animated by Allison Steinfeld's upbeat illustrations, Albert Einstein Was a Dope? expertly balances authoritative information with Dan Gutman's signature zany humor"--

Allergic by Megan Wagner Lloyd

Hoping to adopt a pet to find a sense of belonging in her busy family, Maggie is disappointed to discover she is severely allergic to anything with fur and tries to find a pet to love anyway.

American as paneer pie by Supriya Kelkar

When a racist incident rocks her small Michigan town, eleven-year-old Lekha must decide whether to speak up or stay silent, even as she struggles to navigate her life at home, where she can be herself, and at school, where she is teased about her culture

Becoming Muhammad Ali : a novel by James Patterson

A biographical novel tells the story of Cassius Clay, the determined boy who would one day become Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest boxers of all time

The crayon man : the true story of the invention of Crayola crayons by Natascha Biebow

"Celebrating the inventor of the Crayola crayon! This gloriously illustrated picture book biography tells the inspiring story of Edwin Binney, the inventor of one of the world's most beloved toys. A perfect fit among favorites like The Day the Crayons Quit and Balloons Over Broadway"--

Danny's doodles : the jelly bean experiment by David A Adler

Danny is not sure what to make of Calvin Waffle, a quirky and smart new fourth grader, but when Danny convinces Calvin to use his brain power to help the baseball team, they both have a chance to become heroes.

Danny's doodles : the squirting donuts by David A Adler

Danny and Calvin decide to find out why their fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Cakel, is suddenly behaving very strangely by not only failing to enforce her many rules, but by violating some herself

The dragon thief by Zetta Elliott

Told in two voices, Jax and Kavita, Kavita's brother Vik, and new friend Kenny try to return the baby dragon to the realm of magic before anything else goes wrong.

Dragons in a bag by Zetta Elliott

In Brooklyn, nine-year-old Jax joins Ma, a curmudgeonly witch who lives in his building, on a quest to deliver three baby dragons to a magical world, and along the way discovers his true calling.

Dusk explorers by Lindsay Leslie

"It's that special time of evening, when the hours and the possibilities seem endless. Light is fading. A buzz of excitement and wonder takes over the neighborhood. As nighttime approaches, what outdoor adventures await? In this ode to the timeless magic of summer evenings spent outside, discover what can be found in the last rays of the setting sun."--Dust jacket flap

Escape from Egypt! by Wendy Mass

Ava and Chase want some more information before they embark on another adventure in time, but the woman who gave them the suitcase filled with magical objects is not being helpful, and when Chase picks up the scarab of King Tutankamun they find themselvestransported not to ancient Egypt, but to Egypt on the day King Tut's tomb is discovered--and they must get the artefact back into the tomb while avoiding Randall who has arrived before them.

Eyes that kiss in the corners by Joanna Ho

A self-confident and strong young girl recounts how she shares her eyes--and so much more--with her mother, her amah and her little sister

Finding Langston by Lesa Cline-Ransome

Discovering a book of Langston Hughes' poetry in the library helps Langston cope with the loss of his mother, relocating from Alabama to Chicago as part of the Great Migration, and being bullied

I am Every Good Thing by Derrick D Barnes

Illustrations and easy-to-read text pay homage to the strength, character, and worth of a child.

Incredible rescue mission by Zanib Mian

"Omar is going on his biggest adventure yet--a trip to Pakistan! But his excitement about the trip is interrupted by some shocking news: his amazing teacher is not coming back to school, and no one will say why. When Omar and his friends start investigating, the hints they overhear and clues they find lead them to an alarming conclusion--it must be aliens! Omar has a huge imagination, but saving his teacher from aliens seems far-fetched even to him. He's going to need out-of-this-world creative thinking and a huge spirit of adventure to solve this mystery!"--

Lucy Lopez, coding star by Claudia Mills

Third-grader Lucy Lopez attends coding camp at her after-school program and becomes a coding star

Mae among the stars by Roda Ahmed

When young Mae Jemison is asked by her teacher what she wants to be when she grows up, African American Mae tells her mostly white classmates that she wants to be an astronaut, a dream that her parents wholeheartedly support.

Marvelous Cornelius : Hurricane Katrina and the spirit of New Orleans by Phil Bildner

"Marvelous Cornelius" sings and dances his way through the French Quarter in New Orleans, keeping his beloved city clean, and inspiring others to pitch in after Hurricane Katrina's devastation. Includes notes about the real Cornelius.

The Mayflower by Kate Messner

"Myths about the Mayflower and the Pilgrim's arrival in modern-day America debunked"--

Measuring up by Lily Lamotte

Having just moved to Seattle from Taiwan, twelve-year-old Cici enters a cooking competition to win the chance to see her grandmother again, but she only knows how to cook Taiwanese food.

Muhammad Ali was a chicken? by Dan Gutman

"From the best-selling author behind My Weird School: a quirky new biography series that casts fresh light on high-interest historic figures. Did you know that Muhammad Ali was so terrified of flying on planes he would bring a parachute? Or that he won the Presidential Medal of Freedom? Bet you didn't know that he had an official sweat-taster to determine how salty his sweat was after each match! Siblings Paige and Turner do-and they've collected some of the most unusual and surprising facts about the legendary boxer and civil rights activist, from his childhood and the spark of his boxing career through his time as heavyweight champion of the world. Narrated by the two spirited siblings and animated by Allison Steinfeld's upbeat illustrations, Muhammad Ali Was a Chicken! is an authoritative, accessible, and one-of-a-kind biography infused with Dan Gutman's signature zany sense of humor"--

Nixie Ness, cooking star by Claudia Mills

Nixie and Grace have been best and only friends since preschool, but now Nixie must attend an after-school cooking camp while Grace spends her afternoons with classmate Elyse

One small hop by Madelyn Rosenberg

Ahab Goldstein is a seventh-grader living in an United States (specifically Maine) where the environment has turned toxic, and the corrupt Environmental Police Force is in control, limiting access to natural resources like gas and water, issuing fines, and transporting "fragile" species (pretty much all of them) to the Center for Species Rehabilitation in New Arcadia (a dubious refuge at best); so when Ahab and his friends find a real live bullfrog on an island in the toxic harbor, possibly the last one in America, they are faced with a choice--turn it over (NO!), leave it alone, or bike to Canada to find it a mate.

Our favorite day of the year by A Ali

Four kindergartners who think they have nothing in common become friends after sharing traditions of their holidays, including Eid-ul-Fitr, Rosh Hashanah, Christmas, and Pi Day.

Outside in by Deborah Underwood

Illustrations and easy-to-read text reveal ways nature affects our everyday lives, such as providing food and clothing, and showing when to go to bed and when to get up.

Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot by Dav Pilkey

Ricky Ricotta, a small mouse, is being bullied at school, but when he rescues a powerful robot from its evil creator, he acquires a friend and protector--and saves the city from Dr. Stinky.

Ricky Ricotta's mighty robot vs. the mutant mosquitoes from Mercury by Dav Pilkey

A mouse named Ricky Ricotta and his giant flying robot attempt to save the world from an invasion of massive mutant mosquitoes from Mercury.

Snow day in May by Christine (Christine N Evans

Second-grader Raven faces her fear of public speaking and makes a new friend when her wish backfires.

Stealing the sword! by Wendy Mass

At the flea market nine-and-a-half-year-old Chase and his younger sister Ava acquire an old suitcase filled with rows of carefully packed strange objects, and when they handle one of the objects (a dragon-headed doorknob) they find themselves in King Arthur's castle, on a mission to save the King--and pursued by a strange man whom they first saw at the flea market, who is after their suitcase

That's life! by Ame Dyckman

Life personified appears at a child's door and takes them on a journey in which they learn to have the time of their Life, that Life is full of surprises, and much more.

The thing Lou couldn't do by Ashley Spires

When the next adventure has her friends scaling a tree, it is time for Lou to face the fact that she has never climbed a tree.

The Titanic by Kate Messner

"A nonfiction book about the hidden truth behind the sinking of the Titanic with sidebars, illustrations, photos, and graphic panels"--

Two dogs in a trench coat go to school by Julie Falatko

Sassy and Waldo are good dogs, who keep their house safe (from squirrels, mostly), and worry about their boy, Stewart, who always comes home from school smelling of anxiety; so the two dogs come up with a plan to help him--they will dress up in a trench coat and attend school, posing as a new student, to find out just what is bothering Stewart.

Two dogs in a trench coat start a club by accident by Julie Falatko

When their boy, Stewart, has to stay after school to attend a meeting of the Junior Office Supply Enthusiasts, Sassy and Waldo raid the cafeteria refrigerator and unintentionally start their own club.

Vera Vance, comics star by Claudia Mills

Vera loves all things comic books, so she can't wait for the comics after-school class to start--even though her mother wonders whether it's educational enough. But Vera is determined to participate, and starts developing her own comic about Big Spoon and Little Spoon with the encouragement of her enthusiastic friend Nixie and instruction from teachers who are accomplished cartoonists themselves. As the weeks go by, the after-school teachers announce that for the final class, students will go on a field trip to a local comic-con--and they can even enter a page from their comics in a contest that will be judged there! Vera isn't surprised when her mother says she can't go. But maybe Big Spoon and Little Spoon can convince her mother to accept her passion.

We are water protectors by Carole Lindstrom

When a black snake threatens to destroy the earth, one young water protector takes a stand to defend the planet's water, in a tale inspired by the many indigenous-led conservation movements across North America.

When you trap a tiger by Tae Keller

When Lily, her sister Sam, and their mother move in with her sick grandmother, Lily traps a tiger and makes a deal with him to heal Halmoni.

Who would win? : Battle royale : 5 books in 1! by Jerry Pallotta

Collects five books that compare animals, describing their behavior and physical characteristics, to determine which would win in a fight.

Who would win? Extreme animal rumble : 5 books in 1! by Jerry Pallotta

What would happen if sixteen sharks met in a tournament? What if the jungle's fiercest creatures battled it out? Which dinosaur is the strongest of them all?

Who would win? : ultimate showdown by Jerry Pallotta

"Which dangerous animals would win in a fight? Find out in this ... book from the Who Would Win? series. The collection features a range of mammals, sea creatures, insects, and dinosaurs to satisfy all kinds of animal fans." --from SkyRiver

Women's right to vote by Kate Messner

"Myths about the history of women's rights in the US--focusing on the ratification of the 19th Amendment--are debunked; the real deal of what happened is explained"--
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