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Celebrate Japan!

The West Bloomfield Library has a sister library in Awaji City, Japan. Learn more about Japan and Japanese culture through these books and movies.

Lonely Planet Experience Japan

Lonely Planet's Experience Japan is your guide to unforgettable experiences and local surprises. Discover Hokkaido's ski slopes and snow festivals, explore Himeji-jo, and sample Japanese delicacies in Kyoto - all guided by local experts with fresh perspectives. Uncover Japan's best experiences and get away from the everyday!

Culture Smart! Japan : the essential guide to customs & culture by Paul Norbury

Helping readers to understand this complex, rich and dynamic society, this guide to Japan broadens perceptions of this country in which its consensus-based philosophy and tradition culture have remained resilient

Japan from anime to Zen : quick takes on culture, art, history, food...and more by David Watts Barton

This friendly guide offers concise but detailed demystifications of more than 85 aspects of ancient and modern Japan. It can be read in sequence, or just dipped into, depending on the moment's need. Explanations go much deeper than a typical travel guide and cover 1,500 years of history and culture, everything from geisha to gangsters, haiku to karaoke, the sun goddess to the shogunate . . . and anime to Zen

A beginner's guide to Japan : observations and provocations by Pico Iyer

After thirty-two years in Japan, Pico Iyer can use everything from anime to Oscar Wilde to show how his adopted home is both hauntingly familiar and the strangest place on earth. "Arguably the world's greatest living travel writer" (Outside). He draws on readings, reflections, and conversations with Japanese friends to illuminate an unknown place for newcomers, and to give longtime residents a look at their home through fresh eyes. A Beginner's Guide to Japan is a playful and profound guidebook full of surprising, brief, incisive glimpses into Japanese culture. Iyer's adventures and observations as he travels from a meditation-hall to a love-hotel, from West Point to Kyoto Station, make for a constantly surprising series of provocations guaranteed to pique the interest and curiosity of those who don't know Japan, and to remind those who do of the wide range of fascinations the country and culture contain

Japan book : highlights of a fascinating country

Haunted Japan : exploring the world of Japanese yokai, ghosts and the paranormal by Catrien Ross

"Japanese folklore is abundant with tales of ghostly creatures and the supernatural. In Haunted Japan, author Catrien Ross reveals the legends that have been passed down for generations and continue to terrify us today. The result is an unparalleled insight into the dark corners of the Japanese psyche-a world filled with horrifying creatures including Oni (demons with fierce and ghastly appearances), Yurei (Japanese ghosts who inhabit the world of the living), and Yokai (supernatural monsters). The book also includes several traditional Japanese legends, concluding with two of the most famous ghost stories-that of the wronged wife Oiwa and the tale of the Peony Lantern."--

Japan eats! : an explorer's guide to Japanese food by Betty Reynolds

For first-time visitors and seasoned gourmets alike, Japan Eats! is an entertaining guide to the pleasures and pitfalls of dining in Japan—with hilarious insights and tips not found in other books. Whether it's the proper technique for holding chopsticks or the etiquette of slurping soup, author Betty Reynolds reassures the bewildered and includes mini-lessons on how to read the curtains at the entrance, the menus on the wall, and even the signs on the bathroom doors! What are uni sea urchins and how do you eat them? What are "dancing shrimp"? What is the difference between tonkatsu and takoyaki? Do you pick them up with your fingers? Which sauce to use? And just what is in that sauce? From world-famous sushi to fatally attractive fugu, it's all explained clearly and humorously in this sketchbook filled with charming full-color illustrations and insightful texts. So don't be intimidated—dive in! You are bound to have endless food adventures in Japan. This book shows you how

Japan from the source : authentic recipes from the people that know them best by Tienlon Ho

Mastering the art of Japanese home cooking by Masaharu Morimoto

Japanese cuisine has an intimidating reputation that has convinced most home cooks that its beloved preparations are best left to the experts. But legendary chef Masaharu Morimoto, owner of the wildly popular Morimoto restaurants, is here to change that. In Mastering the Art of Japanese Home Cooking, he introduces readers to the healthy, flavorful, surprisingly simple dishes favored by Japanese home cooks. Japanese cuisine has an intimidating reputation that has convinced most home cooks that its beloved preparations are best left to the experts. But legendary chef Masaharu Morimoto, owner of the wildly popular Morimoto restaurants, is here to change that. In Mastering the Art of Japanese Home Cooking, he introduces readers to the healthy, flavorful, surprisingly simple dishes favored by Japanese home cooks. Chef Morimoto reveals the magic of authentic Japanese food—the way that building a pantry of half a dozen easily accessible ingredients allows home cooks access to hundreds of delicious recipes, empowering them to adapt and create their own inventions. From revelatory renditions of classics like miso soup, nabeyaki udon, and chicken teriyaki to little known but unbelievably delicious dishes like fish simmered with sake and soy sauce, Mastering the Art of Japanese Home Cooking brings home cooks closer to the authentic experience of Japanese cuisine than ever before

Japanese farm food by Nancy Singleton Hachisu

Presents a collection of Japanese recipes; discusses the ingredients, techniques, and equipment required for home cooking; and relates the author's experiences living on a farm in Japan for the past twenty-three years.

Everyday Harumi: simple Japanese food for family & friends by Harumi Kurihara

Soul of Kyoto : a guide to 30 exceptional experiences by Thierry Teyssier

"For ten years, we tested and kept a list of Kyoto's most secret spots.Only 30 made the final cut. 30 unique and exclusive experiences that reveal the soul of Kyoto. "One afternoon in the space of a cherry tree in Kyoto, and here I am lifted to the highest heights of the intoxication of existing." - Reň Depestre Discover the loveliest spot to picnic on the banks of the river without being harassed by eagles, have your own barbecue behind the fish market, attend a tea ceremony in a private home, meet the craftsman who has just revived the traditional Kyoto fan that had virtually disappeared for 50 years, head to a fishing village to discover the world's first itinerant hotel, push open the door to a bar hidden inside a temple, eat the best egg sandwich in town, go to the public baths to reconnect with a local ancestral tradition, taste the aguri mochi that started a thousand-year rivalry, or watch as a wood warehouse is transformed into an izakaya at nightfall ... Soul of Kyoto was written by Thierry Teyssier, a traveling hotelier who likes to choreograph his dreams, and those of his clients. Here, he orchestrates encounters, discoveries, and shared moments to trace for us the soul of a city as beautiful as it is inaccessible." --

100 Tokyo sights : a guide to Tokyo's top sights for visitors by Stephen Mansfield

Tokyo lives up to its reputation as a modern metropolis and, as this book shows, it is also one of the most exciting and diverse places on the planet. Focusing on Tokyo and its surrounding areas, photojournalist Stephen Mansfield brings this buzzing place to life within these pages. He presents all the well-established sights along with many new ones that are not "discovered" yet. This book will provide inspiration for every traveler—whether your interests are J-culture, fashion, food, traditional crafts, gardens or nature trails (or all of the above!). This visual guide is the perfect introduction for anyone planning a trip to Tokyo, reminiscing about time spent there or those hoping to go in the future

Ramen heads

It follows Osamu Tomita, Japan's reigning king of ramen, as he reveals every single step of his obsessive approach to creating the perfect bowl of noodles. He is relentless in his search for the highest-quality ingredients, as are his competitors. This delicious documentary also profiles five other notable ramen shops, each with its own philosophy and flavor, which exemplify different aspects of the ramen world

Pure invention : how Japan's pop culture conquered the world by Matt Alt

"The untold story of how Japan became a cultural superpower through the fantastic inventions that captured-and transformed-the world's imagination. The Walkman. Karaoke. Pikachu. Pac-Man. Akira. Emoji. We've all fallen in love with one or another of Japan's pop-culture creations, from the techy to the wild to the super-kawaii. But as Japanese media veteran Matt Alt proves in this brilliant investigation of Tokyo's pop-fantasy complex, we don't know the half of it. Japan's toys, gadgets, and fantasy worldsdidn't merely entertain. They profoundly transformed the way we live. In the 1970s and '80s, Japan seemed to exist in some near future, soaring on the superior technology of Sony and Toyota while the West struggled to catch up. Then a catastrophic 1990 stock-market crash ushered in the "lost decades" of deep recession and social dysfunction. The end of the boom times should have plunged Japan into irrelevance, but that's precisely when its cultural clout soared-when, once again, Japan got to the future alittle ahead of the rest of us. Hello Kitty, the Nintendo Entertainment System, and entertainment empires like Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z were more than marketing hits. Artfully packaged, dangerously cute, and dizzyingly fun, these products made Japan the forge of the world's fantasies, and gave us new tools for coping with trying times. They also transformed us as we consumed them-connecting as well as isolating us in new ways, opening vistas of imagination and pathways to revolution. Through the stories of an indelible group of artists, geniuses, and oddballs, Pure Invention reveals how Japanese ingenuity remade global culture and may have created modern life as we know it. It's Japan's world; we're just gaming, texting, singing, and dreaming in it"--

The bells of old Tokyo : meditations on time and a city by Anna (Anne Katherine) Sherman

"The Bells of Old Tokyo is a remarkable literary debut by Anna Sherman that is an elegant and insightful tour of Tokyo and its residents, as well as a meditation on Japanese culture and society. The book is structured around Anna's search for the eight lost bells that once surrounded the city. These bells marked the city's neighborhoods and kept time for its inhabitants before the introduction of Western-style clocks. The bells are tangible vestiges of a much older Japan--one that believed in time as represented by animals, rather than minutes and hours, a circle rather than a forward line. Similarly, the book moves in and out of time as we are introduced to Tokyo residents past and present: An aristocrat who makes his way through Tokyo's sea of ashes after WWII's firebombs. A shrine priest who remembers Yukio Mishima praying before his infamous death. A scientist who has built the most accurate clock in the world, a clock that will not lose a second in five billion years. The head of the Tokugawa house,the family that used to rule Tokyo, reflecting on the destruction of his grandfathers' city ('A lost thing is lost. To chase it leads to darkness'). And woven throughout is Anna's deep friendship with the owner of a small, exquisite coffee shop who believes that if you make coffee just right, and allow people the time to enjoy it, they will return to their 'true selves.' The Bells of Old Tokyo marks the arrival of a dazzling new writer as she presents an absorbing and alluring meditation on life in the guise of a tour through a city and its people"--

Japan's world heritage sites : unique culture, unique nature by John Dougill

Japan's World Heritage Sites presents the exquisite temples, shrines, gardens, castles and natural wonders found throughout Japan which have now been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Japanese stories for language learners : bilingual stories in Japanese and English by Anne McNulty

"Beautifully illustrated in a traditional style, Japanese Stories for Language Learners offers five compelling stories with Japanese and English language versions appearing on facing pages. Taking learners on an exciting cultural and linguistic journey, each story is followed by detailed translator's notes, vocabulary lists, and grammar points along with a set of discussion questions and exercises"--Amazon.com.

Japanese folktales : classic stories from Japan's enchanted past

Japanese made easy : a situation-based guide designed to get you speaking simple Japanese from the very first day / by Tazuko Ajiro Monane

In this completely revised edition, vocabulary and sentences are shown in Japanese script, as well as romanized Japanese and English. This book includes many new dialogues, cultural notes, illustrations and updated vocabulary. --Publisher

The Penguin book of haiku

Now a global poetry, the haiku was originally a Japanese verse form that flourished from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries. Although renowned for its minimalism and brevity, usually running three lines in seventeen syllables, and by its use of naturalimagery to make Zen-like observations about reality, in fact the haiku is much more: it can be erotic, funny, crude and mischievous. Presenting over a thousand exemplars in vivid and engaging translations by Adam L. Kern, this anthology offers an illuminating introduction to this widely celebrated, if misunderstood, art form.

The essential haiku : versions of Bashō, Buson, and Issa

Origami ikebana : create lifelike paper flower arrangements by Benjamin John Coleman

Demonstrates how to combine the principles of ikebana and origami to create paper flower arrangements, covering such topics as basic paper folding techniques, incremental leaf sizing, and making simple makigami stems.

Ryuichi Sakamoto : coda

One of the most important artists of the era, Ryuichi Sakamoto has had a prolific career spanning over four decades. From techno-pop stardom to Oscar-winning film composer, the evolution of his music has coincided with his life journeys. Following the Fukushima disaster, Sakamoto became an iconic figure in Japan's social movement against nuclear power. As Sakamoto returns to music following a cancer diagnosis, his haunting awareness of life crises leads to a resounding new masterpiece

The art of Japanese architecture : history, culture, design by David E Young

Husband-and-wife collaborators David Young (anthropology, Univ. of Alberta) and Michiko Young have been studying Japanese aesthetics for years. Previously, they wrote The Art of the Japanese Garden, and now they tackle Japanese architecture, perfectly melding East and West to give us a deeply historical and cultural appreciation for the design and construction of Japanese shelter over an astonishing 12,000 years. They explain the elements of structure and the spare glory of the essentials as well as provide many examples that pay tribute to function. The buildings they examine embrace strong societal traditions, a tendency that makes Japanese architecture timeless and always "modern." Nearly 400 illustrations, photographs, and woodcuts reinforce and enhance the outstanding text
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