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Interior Design & Home Decor

Find inspiration for refreshing your living spaces.

The interior design handbook : furnish, decorate, and style your space by Frida Ramstedt

A Scandinavian design guru presents this comprehensive, authoritative guide in which she shares the basic principles of design, covering all the bases of the foundational rules and how-tos of design and decoration.

Cozy minimalist home : more style, less stuff by Myquillyn Smith

It's beautiful here by Megan Morton

Summary: "A beautiful home doesn't rest on great design alone - it's shaped by the people who live there. That relationship is what raises these gorgeous, eclectic houses above their undeniably attractive facades. With her trademark enthusiasm, Megan Morton invites you into her favourite homes with personality, and introduces us to the personalities who call them home. Behind the quirky details, beneath the vintage finds and between the creative clashing you'll find hints for shaping beautiful corners, rooms and moments all of your own. More than a window into inspirational homes around the world, It's Beautiful Here will make you stop and recognize that here, right now, there's something beautiful."--Publisher's description

A room of her own : inside the homes and lives of creative women by Robyn Lea

"A Room of Her Own features the dazzling homes of twenty extraordinary women around the globe"--

Simplicity by Nancy Braithwaite

Braithwaite takes the reader deep into her singular vision. Divided into five sections, the book begins with her manifesto on simplicity and the aspects of design used to achieve it, including architecture, scale, color, texture, pattern, and composition. She then presents three categories of style--country, classic, and contemporary--and explains and illustrates each with iconic rooms from her portfolio. Finally, she presents several houses as case studies, displaying the power of these principles in action and emphasizing the importance of craftsmanship in design

Remix : decorating with culture, objects, and soul by Jeanine Hays

Profiling homes throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., this design resource, influenced by African-American culture, showcases authentically designed homes that celebrate diversity in design

150 best minimalist house ideas by Àlex Sánchez Vidiella

No place like home : tips & techniques for real family-friendly home design by Stephen Saint-Onge

"Stylish and practical designs for real families From the many room makeovers he has done for magazines, newspapers, and television shows, designer Stephen Saint-Onge has a very real sense of what everyday families want and need from their homes. Unlikeother decorating books on the market, his features products and projects that are accessible for everyday homeowners who are looking for stylish and practical designs. Now, his scores of fans will thrill for No Place Like Home. With home designs that arepractical, budget-conscious, family-friendly, and beautiful, these inspiring projects mix traditional American style with modern comforts and convenience. Introduces creative tools and tricks that make a big impact on rooms. Educates readers on various materials, furnishing, and accessories. Stephen's style secrets for every room of the home. Full of creative advice, design tips, and renovation ideas, No Place Like Home shows real families how to create spaces that work in the real world."--

The elements of style : an encyclopedia of domestic architectural detail

A new edition of the in-depth chronological survey of the key styles of architectural design in the United Kingdom and United States over the past five hundred years offers a fully revised chapter on the postwar to the Post-Modernist period (1950-75) anda new chapter on contemporary style.

Workspaces by Martha Fay

San Francisco style : design, decor, and architecture by Diane Dorrans Saeks

Establishing home : creating space for a beautiful life with family, faith, and friends by Jean Stoffer

"When Jean Stoffer's husband announced he was quitting his extremely stressful job to look for another career, she suddenly needed to bring in a lot more of the family income. The problem was, while she had a degree in business, her part-time job paid very little and she had few obvious options for earning more anytime soon. In Establishing Home, Jean tells how necessity sparked her journey from part-time receptionist to founder of an award-winning home design company and star of the Magnolia Network's show, The Established Home. Along the way, she shares what's she learned about design, business, parenting, and relationships."--

The distinctive home : a vision of timeless design by Jeremiah Eck

A renowned architect offers up fifty visions of the perfect home, each capturing the essential harmony among the four classic elements of design--site, floor plan, exterior elements, and interior details.

Art deco interiors : decoration and design classics of the 1920s and 1930s by Patricia Bayer

Alexander Girard, architect : creating midcentury modern masterpieces by Deborah Lubera Kawsky

During the midcentury period, Michigan attracted visionary architects, designers, and theorists, including Alexander Girard. While much has been written about Girard's vibrantly colored and patterned textiles for Herman Miller, the story of his Detroit period (1937­-53)-encompassing interior and industrial design, exhibition curation, and residential architecture-has not been told. Alexander Girard, Architect: Creating Midcentury Modern Masterpieces by Deborah Lubera Kawsky is the first comprehensive study of Girard's exceptional architectural projects, specifically those concentrated in the ultra-traditional Detroit suburb of Grosse Pointe. One exciting element of the book is the rediscovery of another Girard masterpiece-the only surviving house designed entirely by Girard, and former residence to Mr. and Mrs. John McLucas. Restored in consultation with iconic midcentury designer Ruth Adler Schnee, the McLucas house represents the culmination of Girard's Detroit design work at midcentury. Stunning color photographs capture the unique design elements-including the boldly colored glazed brick walls of the atrium-reminiscent of Girard's role as color consultant for the GM Tech Center. Original Girard drawings for the building plan, interior spaces, and custom-designed furniture document the mind of a modernist master at work and are made available to the public for the first time in this beautiful book

Live beautiful by Athena Calderone

Offers a look into the homes of fashion designers, social media influencers, and other creative individuals, and the design elements they use to create a unique space.

The book of hygge : the Danish art of comfort, coziness, and connection by Louisa Thomsen Brits

"The centuries-old Danish tradition of Hygge (pronounced "hue-gah") comes from a country voted to be the happiest on earth, and its special custom of emotional warmth, slowness, and appreciation, is becoming increasingly familiar to an international audience. To hygge means to enjoy the good things in life with good people"--

Marie Kondo's kurashi at home : how to organize your space and achieve your ideal life by Marie Kondō

"From the #1 bestselling sensation and Netflix star comes her guide to designing not just the home-but the life-of your dreams, fully illustrated with more than 200 photographs from inside the Marie Kondo lifestyle"--

Hanok : the Korean house by Nani Park

Twelve examples of the Korean house style, traditional on the exterior and in use of natural materials but with contemporary interiors.

Holistic home : feng shui for mind, body, spirit, space by Laura Benko

"If you haven't refreshed your home's decor since the year you moved in, this may be representative of your fear of change. ... [The author] draws parallels between the state of your home and that of your body, mind, and spirit ... The secrets Laura shares ... will help you transform your decor, arrangements, relationships, and life as a whole"--Publisher's description

Color at home : creating style with paint by Meg Lesser Roberts

Art deco house style : an architectural and interior design source book by Ingrid Cranfield

Tuscan elements by Alexandra Black

Nina Campbell's decorating secrets : easy ways to achieve the professional look by Nina Campbell

Explains how to decorate like a professional, covering each step from assessing the architecture and lighting to making decisions on fabric, color, furniture, wall decorations and window treatments.

150 best of the best house ideas by Francesc Zamora Mola

The art of interior design : selecting elements for distinctive styles by Suzanne Woloszynska

The new mindful home : and how to make it yours by Joanna Thornhill

"We often think of mindfulness in relation to meditation, but our homes and interior design can play a big part in our emotional well-being. The New Mindful Home explores how you can use interiors to aid living with intention, slow living, creating supportive room layouts, considering mindful effects of color, and embracing plants and natural elements in our homes"--

Minimalista : your step-by-step guide to a better home, wardrobe, and life by Shira Gill

"The co-founders of Havenly help you find your own style in this fresh and accessible guidebook to the complicated world of interior design"--

Daecors barbares : the enchanting interiors of Nathalie Farman-Farma. by Nathalie Farman-Farma

"A refreshing antidote to the contrived nature of much contemporary interior design, the textiles and decoration of Nathalie Farman-Farma have gained a devoted following among celebrity and socialite clients for their folkloric charm and romantic exuberance. Drawing on the enchantment of fairytales and a history of material culture spanning Persia, Central Asia and Russia, Farman-Farma employs traditional print-making techniques to create exquisitely detailed fabrics, which she uses to conjure interiors infused with warmth and natural charisma. Farman-Farma's townhouse and studio in London and her family homes in Connecticut and Lake Tahoe feature in this captivating volume, forming the backdrop for her Daecors Barbares range of fabrics, as well as her vast collection of antique textiles, costumes and jewellery. Vogue has called Farman-Farma "the textile designer you need to know." Her clients include Lauren Santo Domingo, Tory Burch, and influential interior designer David Netto, who writes the forewordto this book"--

Elements of style : designing a home and a life by Erin T Gates

From the star blogger and designer Erin Gates, Elements of Style is a fresh, approachable interior design book that shows how designing a home is also a method of personal expression and self-discovery. Drawing on her 10 years of experience running her own design firm, Erin combines practical, honest design advice and gorgeous professional photographs and illustrations with personal essays about lessons she has learned while designing her own home and her own life--the first being: none of our homes or lives are perfect.

Design a healthy home : 100 ways to transform your space for physical and mental wellbeing by Oliver Heath

This illustrated guide to detoxifying a home includes one hundred ideas to support health and well-being in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and workspaces that are affordable, stylish, and easy to implement.

Your creative work space : the sweet spot style guide to home office + studio decor by Desha Peacock

"Design the ideal home office to fit your space, your personality, your work, and your dreams! We are all born with an innate desire to creatively express the essence of who we are. This desire is embedded into our soul, a gift at birth, our own NorthernStar in a galaxy full of the unknown. Your physical setting can either hamper or inspire this creative calling. Known for her eclectic style and helping others see the possibility within themselves, their homes, and personal style, Desha Peacock offers you tips on designing a creative work space that will also inspire you to do the work you are meant to do. Peacock's design tips cover how to: Use your work space to inspire your best work. Choose the right color to enhance your mood. Create a cozy virtualoffice no matter where you live. Work with a tiny space in a closet or other nook. Mix vintage, modern, and thrift store finds so you can create the style you crave, no matter your budget. Gain more clarity so you can focus on what's most important to your business or creative life. Your Creative Work Space features full-color photographs of unique, creative work spaces from the traditional home office to the artist's studio or writing salon"--

The New York times right at home : how to buy, decorate, organize, and maintain your space by Ronda Kaysen

New York Times Real Estate columnists and home experts Ronda Kaysen and Michelle Higgins share their insider knowledge in this essential, all-in-one resource for how to buy, decorate, organize and maintain your space. Whether you are shopping for a firsthome, renting a new apartment or are searching for smart and affordable ways to redecorate or reorganize, Right at Home is the book for you.Kaysen and Higgins have spent more than two decades interviewing experts and demystifying all aspects of home buying and care. This guide, drawn from their work, will be with you at every turn, whether you're unpacking the kitchen for the first time, moving in with your significant other, or figuring out what to do with all those baby bottles and sippy cups now that the last child is out of diapers and the cabinets are bursting. Including pro tips from experts such as Marie Kondo, Bunny Williams and Justina Blakeney, and a removable annual home maintenance checklist, Right at Home is the indispensable guide that you will return to again and again.

Homebody : a guide to creating spaces you never want to leave by Joanna Gaines

Change your home, change your life with color : what's your color story? by Moll Anderson

The joy of hygge : how to bring everyday pleasure and Danish coziness into your life by Jonny Jackson

Upscale downsizing : creating a stylish, elegant, smaller home by Leslie Linsley

Using examples that range from 600-square-foot apartments to a small cottage-style house, home-style guru Leslie Linsley shows you how to achieve maximum aesthetic results even in a minimal space. She offers solutions to every problem—storage tricks, entertaining in small spaces, flexible layouts, ideas for arranging art and collectibles, living with what you absolutely can’t live without, and more—all lavishly illustrated with over 200 full-color photographs

The finer things : timeless furniture, textiles, and details by Christiane Lemieux

Beautiful : all-American decorating and timeless style by Mark D Sikes

Domino : your guide to a stylish home : discovering your personal style and creatiang a space you love

The new bohemians : cool & collected homes by Justina Blakeney

Styled : secrets for arranging rooms, from tabletops to bookshelves by Emily Henderson

Never stop to think...do I have a place for this? : how to make room for all the stuff that makes your home warm, happy, fun and one-of-a-kind by Mary Randolph Carter

Encourages readers to surround themselves with items that impart beauty and meaning, exploring a variety of unique interiors that exhibit self-expression.

Modern vintage style by Emily Chalmers

Decorating with plants : what to choose, ways to style, and how to make them thrive by Baylor Chapman

In Decorating with Plants, Baylor Chapman walks readers through everything they need to know to bring houseplants into their home. First, there’s Plant Care 101: from how to assess light conditions to tricks for keeping your plants alive while on vacation, Chapman gives readers the simple, foundational info they need to ensure their plants will thrive. Then she introduces us to 28 of her favorites—specimens that are tough as nails but oh-so-stylish, from the eye-catching Rubber Tree to the delicate Cape Primrose. Finally, she guides readers through the home room by room: Place an aromatic plant like jasmine or gardenia to your entry to establish your home’s “signature scent.” Add a proper sense of scale to your living room with a ceiling-grazing palm. Create a living centerpiece of jewel-toned succulents for a dining table arrangement that will last long after your dinner party. From air purification to pest control, there’s no limit to what houseplants can do for your home—and Decorating with Plants is here to show you how to add them to spaces big and small with style.

But where do I put the couch? : and answers to 100 other home decorating questions by Melissa Michaels

Vintage living : creating a beautiful home with treasured objects from the past by Bob Richter

Small space living : expert tips and techniques on using closets, corners, and every other space in your home by Roberta Sandenbergh

Simple decorating by Melissa Michaels

Dreaming green : spectacular spaces designed to inspire by Lisa Sharkey

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